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A simple, effective method

to unlock your best self.

Meditation Benefits

How can meditation help your life?

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Anxiety Relief



Life Meaning

Be FREE from worry and fear

Release mind stress

Enhance your focus

Find your life purpose

Truth, happiness, success and health are all within your mind.

Humans are incomplete because they live in their mind world which is the karma,

habits, and body. When you discard this, you can find all the answers within you.

Learn the method
to find Truth within

Everyone goes to school and learns what they have to learn. If you are to learn Karate, you should go to the place that teaches you Karate and learn from there. If you are to find Truth within, you can learn the method. You can learn how to go to the true world and live eternally while living. 

Yoga at Home


  • Daily live guided sessions on Zoom

  • Flexible schedule

  • Private/Group classes 7 days a week

  • Customized guidance and support

  • Accountability to your practice


Siri B.

The helpers at Berkeley meditation who are the most incredible, nonjudgmental, loving, supportive, dedicated, human beings you will ever meet helped me find my answers and it is life altering! Every day of my life is fuller and happier! Everyone around me, my friends, family, coworkers and especially my children have noticed and benefited from my meditation.

What People Say

Herbert S.

This meditation method is fast and effective and never boring. You always have a guide or “helper” and they lead you all the way. I have conquered many fears and I feel so much lighter and happy about daily life. This is life changing stuff. Try it you will not be disappointed!


Nicky T.

This meditation definitely changed my life. It’s made me realize that everything starts with your mind, and a heathy, happy, peaceful mind equals a healthy, happy, peaceful life. I’m so thankful to this meditation method, and the amazing guides here who have always helped me to feel at home within myself.

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