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How can I be happy?

Donna Seo, Youth meditation instructor

Recently, I took on a big project. At least 4 to 30 people are working on it. They're more talented than me. But I'm the team leader. It was the first time I've jumped into work with a sense of responsibility and excitement. However, it wasn't easy. It took a lot of sacrifices and I lacked the skills.

Since I worked, I often had to do stuff in my spare time. I was stressed out.

As the project progressed, and more people participated, the call got more complicated and more things to worry about.

As soon as I started working, I was happy that I became the team leader. But the more responsible I felt the less fun it was.

As work stress grew, the old, vicious card of my worst habit of giving up and running away appeared.

After dinner on the day I wanted to run away from work, I seriously meditated. The first thing I did was think about how I would solve the problem I was facing, and my thoughts continued to flow, but sooner or later, I decided to throw away the stress I was feeling with meditation. By letting go of the stress, I found out. Through this job, I wanted to compensate for my inferiority complex. During a reunion a few years ago, I remembered something I had heard from a college friend I had not seen in almost 20 years.

"Donna, I thought you'd be the team leader of a large company. You were smart and charismatic when you were in college..."

As if disappointed with my appearance at the time, the friend said. Having a sense of inferiority in this project motivated me to fulfill my role as a team leader and establish myself as a good member of the organization I work for. I look back on my past days through meditation and let go of vain desires.

A sudden thought came to me after meditating.

‘There is nothing I can do.’

'I thought I was doing well, but I was mistaken.’

Strangely, after thinking about this, my heart truly felt at ease. As soon as I accepted myself for who I was, all my anxiety and stress disappeared.

My work resumed the following morning. The fact is that I do not think of myself as a team leader, but rather someone who is contributing consistently despite being inconspicuous with the mindset that the whole team is working together to accomplish the goal. Adversity is happiness. We cannot be happy without difficulties. You cannot grow without it. It is important to meditate so that adversity does not become a setback. With a precise method and goal, anyone can experience the benefits of meditation.

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