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Student Reviews

Ciara L.

Oakland, CA

“I believe this meditation is different from others because it focuses on letting go of what has happened in the past, being okay with the present, and it helps you see a brighter future.”

Siri B.

Albany, CA

” Recent studies revealed that doctors have the highest suicide rates of any other profession. Hence stress relief and mindfulness classes are recommended to us. I have indulged in many of them which are definitely helpful. However, I can say with complete conviction that this meditation method is the only method that has truly helped me by changing my perspective from the core and has given me the tools to simply cruise through my work and patients without ever feeling an ounce of burden.”

Marlon J.

Oakland, CA

“I was recommended this meditation by my good doctor friend due to my insomnia a year ago. I was always curious about meditation before but I never took the time to stick to a program and to get personal help and attention. Now I’m headed in the right direction because the method is very systematic and easy to follow as well as there is always a staff to guide me. The staff are very supportive, reliable, sincere and cheerful. The community is full of lovely people. I am very grateful.”

Nicky T.

Oakland, CA

“This meditation definitely changed my life. To start with, miraculously I just don’t get sick anymore. I used to get terrible colds at least a few times a year, but I can’t even remember the last time I had one!! It’s made me realize that everything starts with your mind, and a healthy, happy, peaceful mind equals a healthy, happy, peaceful life. So happy to have found a community that speaks my language.”

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